Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mystical Full Moon Party

This was a great party!
There are plenty of photos to get some good ideas to host your own "Full Moon Party"
This is a great party for just your family or many, many on
These are "Lucky Charm Balls"
I wrapped Styrofoam balls with white crepe paper and put little lucky charms and buttons I found at Michael's Crafts....we unwrapped them at the end of the night

The Full Moon!
This is actually the "Harvest Moon" and I printed out the dates of the next full moons from the "Old Farmers Almanac"

Click on photo to read the carefully planned menu!
Poisoned Apple Cupcakes recipe will be published in next blog.....yummy!

Note the Dry Ice!
That was a huge hit with my husband...
you can find this at your grocery store year round!

we lit the candles to celebrate the full moon
red candle=love
blue candle=job/school
white candle=health
green candle=money

light these once a month and do not blow them out...(this can't hurt...we all need good health, love, luck and money!)

this was so much fun...we made a magic potion mixture
I ordered herbs on a web site (
we mixed :
rosebuds and hearts for love
eucalyptus and band aids for health
chamomile and dollar sign glitter for money
and star anise and dice glitter for luck

Root Beer bottles with "Love Potion Number 9" labels

Lucky Spell Barbie...was a great visitor

Don't forget the music:
Moondance(Van Morrison)
Blue Moon
Eclipse (Pink Floyd)
Into the Mystic(Van Morrison)
Moonshadow(Cat Stevens)
Walking on the Moon(The Police)

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