Friday, November 14, 2008

Book Exchange Party

Party Time!
We had a simple party that is a great money saving idea...a book swap!
You can do this with adults, kids or both together.
Easy to plan and a huge on
A bookmark to take home.
I will print the poem  at end of post, it was printed on regular paper and I glued it on some card stock.
This was the craft project we made.  We made bookmarks with black cord and 3 beads knotted on each end.  Easy, cheap and a fun way to keep the kids busy. I found these cute plastic dice beads at JoAnns.

Nothing fancy today, I did not have time so I bought donut holes, they were on sale buy 1 get 1 free!!!!
Of course I had to make little toppers that spell out "I heart Books"....

I made a "check in" table, said "Welcome to the Library", and used post it notes.  For every book they brought to trade, I gave them one post it page.  The way I organized the swap was for every book they brought was the amount of books they got to take home.  When they checked in, I asked them to choose one book that they liked best out of the ones they brought and had them talk about that book before we "shopped for the books" (book swap!).

We went around the room and talked about our favorite book we brought....

The Book Poem:

When Books Fall Open

When Books Fall Open
And You Fall In
A Great Adventure Will Begin.

A Princess, a Tiger,
A Flying Broom
A Magic Hat
A Pink Kangaroo.

Yes, When books Fall Open
And You Fall In,
A Great Adventure Will Begin.

A Knight and His Horse
A Trip to the Moon,
A Talking dog
A Big Red Balloon.

So Pick a Book
Crawl right In,
Then Your Journey
Shall Begin.

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Jennifer said...

So cute! I especially love the donut holes.