Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cousins Camp

Cousins Camp 2009!
This is the "Family Tree" by Sabrina!
Our Schedule
This "Cousins Camp" had a Halloween Theme

We made "Mummy" cupcakes. Use a flat tip to pipe the icing as bandages and chocolate chips for the eyes...

First activity was dinner and game...
Found this at Hallmark Stores, "Do you know me?"
The questions are fun:
i.e. What is my favorite school subject?
What do I want to be when I grow up?
My Fave book?
etc...(I recommend this game for the dinner table, as well...)

Photo time...
Not easy with "tweens!"

note the wrestling brothers!

Next up, arts and crafts, $1 bin coloring posters...keep em busy til the big events!

Uncle Mike...The Big Camper always dresses for the part!
Time for 1st contest....Puzzles...

who can finish first?
Uncle Mike Won!
We made "Mummy Cookies", I made sugar cookies and used the gingerbread shape cookie cutters. Let them cool, then had frosting ready and had red and black icing for eyes and details
Next up...the big event....
The Treasure Hunt!
Found these binoculars at the $1 spot at Target

I made 25 clues and hid them throughout the house
i.e., "wakes me up?" (under alarm clock)
"the 3 R's" (recycling bin)
"this sometimes stinks" (under trash can)
"Zzzzzzzzz" (under pillow)
this clue was "where monkeys find treats" (in the banana tree!)

Kyle was the Winner!
(Had prizes for everyone!)
Next up...was this skeleton game...
Divided into two teams
Black and Purple teams
Hid the skeleton pieces and they had to find the pieces and put them back together
(I found this game at Party City, I was looking for skeletons to take the pieces together but found this game...)
Dessert...Mummy Cupcakes!
This was a great party!

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