Friday, December 4, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Advent Book Idea (Countdown to Christmas with Books)

Countdown to Christmas With Books!
Through the years, I have saved children's Christmas books.
This year, I wrapped each one and put a label on them to open each night before Christmas

I used Christmas labels and labeled each one"Open Decmber __", etc.
Getting to open a present a night is fun!
If you do not have enough books saved, borrow them from the library!
This is a great treat for the whole family....enjoy a Christmas story every night together.
Can you guess what book is saved for December 24th?


misha aloi brown said...

love love this idea! heading upstairs to find our christmas books...

♥ Mrs. B ♥ said...

I just found your blog this morning and I love it! What a cute idea w/ the Christmas books! I don't have any children yet, but I will definitely remember this for when I do! :)

Sara said...

great idea!