Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Party

St.Practice Day Party...we celebrated St. Patrick's Day Early!
The theme was "Lucky" for the "Luck of the Irish"
We made Irish Brown Bread...see recipe
The menu was Irish Brown Bread
Guiness Onion Soup
Guiness Irish Stew (recipe)
Little "Pot O'Gold's"
These did not photograph very well, but they were cute and very good!

Make lemon Jell-O and cut into tiny squares, hallow out a lime and add whip cream if you want...actually the combination of lime and lemon Jell-o was good!

Now for the Highlight of the night.....
this looks like a plain cake....

But wait, it is a "Lucky Cake"....

this is the Rainbow Cake...
It is the Pot O'Gold!
and Magically Delicious!

One more picture of the "Masterpiece"!
Happy St. Packtrick's Day!

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