Tuesday, November 30, 2010

24 days to Christmas "Good Deed Jar"

24 Days to Christmas
Good Deed Jar

This is what we are doing in place of an Advent Calendar. We are counting down to Christmas by doing "good deeds".  This is a list of 24 simple acts of kindness we plan to each complete prior to Christmas.
Each day we will complete an easy task, then  write down on sheets of paper the deed we completed that day and place the paper in the jar. 
On Christmas Eve, we will place our "good deed" jar under the tree as a gift for Santa.

Here is a list of our 24 "Good Deeds":

24 Days til Christmas
Good Deed Jar

1. Tell someone you are proud of them.
2. Send an encouraging card to sick child through MakeaChildSmile.org
3. Smile and say hello to a stranger
4. Buy a co-worker lunch, coffee or a snack (or bring a friend a snack at lunch)
5. Recycle
6. Drop some extra change in “give a penny, take a penny jar”
7. Write a co-worker or friend a handwritten thank you note
8. Give someone a hug
9. Send a Thank you note or card to someone in the military LetsSayThanks.com
10. Leave 50 cents in a vending machine
11. Give someone a compliment
12. Forgive someone you have been holding a grudge against
13. Open the door for a stranger
14. Pick up liter on the ground
15. Drop an anonymous “Have a great day” card in a neighbors mailbox
16. Let a stranger ahead or you in line (driving, store, school, anywhere)
17. Leave your mail carrier or garbage man a thank you note
18. Say a prayer for people you know who are sick or hurting
19. Give an extra large tip to a waiter or waitress
20. Give away books or magazines to a charity or hospital
21. Clean out toys or clothes to give to a charity
22. Spend extra time playing with your pets
23. Surprise someone in your family with helping with chores, cleaning or just a note of thanks
24. Call up a relative or friend just to say “hello”

“Today give a stranger one of your smiles….It might be the only sunshine he sees all day….”


pam said...

Just had to say what a wonderful idea and I think I'm going to have to steal it. Thanks for sharing.


I love these ideas!
It really can make te world of difference just giving or recieving a smile.
All the best for 2011 :)


Jaimee @ Havenwood House of Boys said...

This is absolutely wonderful!! I have included this in an Advent Activity page on my crafty blog. LOVE this idea : )
Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com