Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie Night Ideas

Summertime..what a great time to plan a movie night!
These amazing photos and ideas have inspired me for a Family Movie Night....
choose a Movie, pick a night, buy mini snacks, popcorn and fun colored sodas....
Look how much fun this tray looks! 
Buy your favorite candies in miniatures and arrange on a tray (any tray will do, but this party is styled P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!)

Next Popcorn..
click here for link to get printable popcorn bags OR
use your own bowls, or your grocery store or Party Store sells popcorn bags!

Next are these amazing sodas!
I LOVE, really, really LOVE the ombre soda selection!!!!
If you can find pink, orange, yellow sodas and great clear cups...
go for it!
If not, your friends, family or whoever you choose to have over for Movie Night will enjoy any beverages you serve...enjoy the Movie!
Source, ideas and amazing photograph: Oh Happy Day!
This party is two thumbs up!!!!

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