Friday, September 25, 2009

Hail to the Queen...The Martha Stewart Show!

Martha Stewart is my idol! I have been reading her magazines, watching her shows since I was in High School. My nickname has always been "Martha", and I am proud and honored to be called that! She is the QUEEN! My Mom and I spent the other day in New York City and got to see her show....
We looked up her schedule and address on her web site and took a chance on "stand by" tickets and got lucky...What a great experience.
She has the most beautiful studio...Wow!
Not my favorite photo but you have to take the pictures fast. You get the point, I was really there!

Martha is even prettier in person (She always looks perfect!)
Thanks Mom for a great Mother/Daughter mini vacation in New York City.
"Hail to the Queen Martha" she inspires me to celebrate the "Good Things!"

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