Monday, September 7, 2009

Party on A Stick!

Party On a Stick Night!

Drinks with Fruit Stirrers on a Stick!
Salad on A Stick!
Fruit on a Stick!
Chicken on a Stick!
Vegetables on a Stick!
Potatoes on a Stick!
KerPlunk Game played with sticks! (couldn't find pick up sticks!!!!)
And of course Ice Cream on a Stick!!!!! (Yummy!)
Hairdo made with Sticks!

Don't Stick your eye out!

This family party wasn't hard to throw together...just "stick" to the theme...Party on A Stick!

1 comment:

BA said...

We had this party
Thurs night complete with Kerplunk---FAB!!!! My family thought I was so clever--but I gave you the credit!! How do you think of these things??? Still looking of the plastic sharks so I can have "shark party" next year during Animal Planet's Shark week!!! Will now run to Tag#*t to find those binoculars for when I have to copy this party!!!!

BTW--never had my 60's party-with hubs OOW--thougth it best to wit--still gathering ideas --maybe do a 60 1/2 or 6 3/4 party!!!