Monday, February 15, 2010

Spa Party

Sabrina's "Spa-tacular" Birthday Party!
Valentine's Day is Sabrina's Birthday!
She turned 10 this year, and we decided to have a Spa Party!
There are lots of photos, it was too much fun to plan to not include the set-up and the party photos!
The Set Up Photos:
the dining area for the "Spa Lunch"
The "Sweets and Treats" table...Hail to the Queen, Amy Atlas....she has taught us well!
these are her Birthday cupcakes, I made chocolate hearts on parchment paper first!

This is the Facial table
Hair Area
Mak-Up area
Pedicure area (I borrowed the pedicure home tubs) and used outdoor chairs!
The Manicure and Pedicure Table
We covered the couch with old sheets
The goody bags, where also useful during the party.
The got shower caddies with the velcro wraps, turbie twists for their hair, lip gloss, brush, and play money....for tips!

Now Time for the Party....Welcome to Sabrina's Spa Day...
This was our "welcome toast" they had their own champagne glasses with their names on them, we gave out goody bags, changed and went through the "Spa Menu" for their upcoming activities

Facial time
relaxing time
of course Daddy had to be included!
We were the Spa Workers..we all dressed in black and had name tags...
Miss Cookie (Hair)
Miss Ling Ling (nails)
Miss Betty (nails)

this is the Massage Station...I borrowed portable back massagers and set them up in an area...also included were "tween" magazines by the pedicure, and massage area
The Birthday Girl enjoying a snack!
Miss Cookies Hair Salon was a big hit..the girls loved the rollers and loved putting on their own Make-up (they all helped each other!)

This was the "Spa Lunch"
They enjoyed being served a healthy, refreshing lunch:
Green Salad
Home-Made Mac & Cheese
Healthy Fruit Salad...
after lunch we played "Pass the Mirror"
We passed a mirror and all the girls said something they liked about they way they looked and something that is good about them in the "inside"
i.e. "I like my hair", and "I am a good friend"
I was trying to remind them..."Be Pretty on the Inside!"
Next was a craft, they made Homemade Bath Gel. They just added color and scents!
Happy Birthday Sabrina! xoxo


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Sabrina! Looks like a great party!

Simply Stunning Ideas said...

what a great party! It looks like everyone had a great time!

jackie fo said...

so cute!! just found your blog and its adorable!

Sara said...

What fun! ...your house looks Awesome!

amanda said...

Love your ideas! Spa Party! That is so fantastic!

Lea said...

Cheryl, you did a great job once again! Loved Sabrina's Spa. Julia loved to see the pictures.

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Oh, what fun! And I'm planning a daytime slumber party, so this is very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I found your blog and got stucked on it for hours :-)
You are so inspirational!
Would love to have a friend like you.
My daughter is becoming 6 October 23 and I'm looking for ideas.
Too bad didn't see your post about science party earlier (and it's too soon for 6 years old girls to have a spa party?.. :-)
Will be looking for props in Israel (or American sites who ship abroad)
Thanks a lot for sharing your life and wisdom!

spa parties for kids in london said...

We are always researching people's spa ideas Nd congratulate you on your home made spa party. It looks great.

Kimberly Burnett said...

My daughter and I have been sitting together cking out this on Pinterest. She turns 8 in February and wants to have her first sleepover. What a FABULOUS idea for a party since my daughter is precocious and she and all of her friends are quite the divas!! I love your ideas!!! How lucky is Sabrina?!!

Kimberly and Rachel

Derry Hubs said...


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Have a nice day...!!

Doris2503 said...

You have inspired me to organise a SPA party for my daughter and she is super excited, I got almost everything ready and I have a plan for this day but there is one thing I woul like to do but unfortunately I’m not sure how to do it �� I like your idea about the homemade bubble bath and I know the girls have added some scent and colour but what colour, what it was that the girl have added, what can I use to do this activity? Hope you will be able to help me? Thank you
Regard Ilona

Cheryl said...

Hi Doris, thank you for your compliment. This party was done quite a long time ago, but looking back, the bath gels, were made from a kit that I bought from Michael's Arts and Crafts. Happy Planning and good luck with your Spa Party. xoxo Cheryl