Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oprah's Farewell Party

"Did You see Oprah Yesterday?????"
How many times have we all said this?

We can not let her last show end without honoring Oprah!
Catherine at Design Editor made this party printables, that I first saw on Kara's Party Ideas.Click on this link to her FREE viewing party downloads/printables to share! These designs were inspired by Oprah's audience.
You can use these printables to throw a great viewing party.
Say farewell to Oprah with class & charm!
These designs, inspired by Oprah's audiences in their bright colors, would look great with coordinating solid colored plates and napkins. I'd do everything else white to contrast the colors: Tablecloth, flowers, frosting on cupcakes, strawberries or pretzels dipped in white name it.

This free download includes, a banner, Oprah Bingo to get the party going,
and other printables that can be used as cupcake toppers, on bottles, gift bags, etc.

Thank You will be missed!

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