Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brown Paper Bag Star Tutorial

I Love this cute tutorial on making "Party Stars"

This is from Mirabelle Creations (I saw this on Hostess with The Mostess)

I really like the color of Natural Craft Bags (Lunch Brown Bags) and have been loving burlap fabric lately....hmmm...I think this might turn into a party soon...
Let's brainstorm, craft paper, burlap, natural papers????

Anyways, here is the tutorial for these rustic looking stars.

You will need:
– 5 Gusseted Paper Bags
– Double-sided Tape
– String
– Scissors
– Hole Punch.

Cut off the end of all of the paper bags.

Stack all 5 paper bags and cut the other ends into a point.

Place two pieces of double sided tape on either side of each paper bag, near the ends.

Stack all 5 paper bags together and punch a hole in the bottom, middle.  Tie the bags together with string, not too tightly.

Join the two ends together to make your star.

You can also use white or colored paper bags in different sizes to mix things up a bit. Maybe even try making a GIANT version from grocery sized bags! That could be fun! 

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Deanna at Mirabelle Creations said...

Thank you for posting the paper bag star tutorial! I love your great website!