Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls Camping Party

Now that we are on the theme of Camping Out...I found this awesome Girls Camping Party on
Hostess With The Mostess
"Camp Out! Girls Birthday Party"

Here are a few of my favorite Photos

 How Beautiful is this... I love the Quilts, bandanas, clothes pins, signs....

A Cute way to serve s'mores

S'more cupcakes

s'more pops...coat marshmallows in chocolate then dip in graham cracker crumbs

Happy Trails to you....

p.s. I hope you like these ideas, Barbarann!


BA said...

Love it--I am up setting up and at 12:30 am just starting the campfire cake!!!!!! My daughter had a friend over tonight and they made a "Hollywood campout" banner. We also bought pillow cases and I wrote on the Hollywood Campout 2011 and bought some fabric markers--so tomorrow night they can decorate them and all sign each other's cases!!! now I feel I have to make the marshmallow S'mores too--made them for a Chinese Culture Camp a month ago and they were a hit---I kind of forgot about them til I saw this!!!!! I was on the computer googling stuff---bu never found this--you are great at finding party ideas!!! Thank God for your blog!!!

You are the BEST!!!!!
P.S someday I'll start a blog --until then, I'll send you pictures of what we do!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cheryl,
My name is Annastasia. I just spent the last couple hours reading your entire blog right down to the beginning. Your work is so amazing! I wish I could throw parties like you can. You must be completely busy all the time but I'd like to ask you a favor. I'm having a Vegas themed Sweet Sixteen in September. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas? Your creativity is wonderful and i'm having some trouble with favors and such. If you can't I appreciate you even reading my comment. My email is whyhellocruelworld@gmail.com.
Thank you.