Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shark Party

Shark Party!

The Cupcake idea is from Martha Stewart's Cupcake Book
The Menu:
Bloody Waters Drink
Shark Teeth and Seaweed Dip
Shark Bait (goldfish with Swedish Fish Candy)
"The One that Got Away" (Main Dish/Salmon)
Feeding Frenzy Potatoes (roasted Potatoes)
"Don't Swim Alone Salad"
Shark Fin Cupcakes
Shark Watermelon
Shark Teeth and Seaweed Dip (Shark teeth=chips!)
Tutorial on making Shark Watermelon to follow!!!!
How cool is this? Sabrina made this with construction paper!
Yes, my husband always comes through with the best ideas!
We surprised him with the party and he ran in his closet and came up with this idea instantly! 
I wish I would of thought of this idea....Good job Mike!
This is my favorite part of the party...the one and only.... "Bloody Water Drink"
Start with a glass of Sprite, a plastic shark (found these in the dollar spot at Target),
I took the squeaky part out and filled the shark with red cherry juice

pour in the "blood"

Sabrina will demonstrate the drink...

after dinner we did a Reef Puzzle...a great night together!

Shark Watermelon Tutorial

I saw this cool shark idea in a newspaper article in the food section...This is why we had a shark party!
look for an oblong shaped watermelon
cut 1/3 off at an angle
stand up and mark where the mouth and eyeballs will go using a dry erase pen
cut out the mouth and trim back the green part of the rind to leave room to cut out the teeth
cut out the teeth and make two small holes for the eyes, I used grapes and secured them with toothpicks
attach the fin with toothpicks (use the section taken out to make mouth, and cut out a fin shape)
put back in mouth watermelon and Swedish Fish candies

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School Teacher Gift

Back to school teacher gift.
This is an easy and inexpensive welcome gift.  Just need a water bottle and a juice packet.
Click here for a great tutorial.