Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sabrina's Special Sleepover Party and Day

Sabrina has the best Birthday....Valentine's Day!!!!!
She turned 9 and wanted a Sleepover Party!
Thanks to all my blogging friends, I incorporated a couple of special ideas to help make this day even more on......
These Brownie Pops are from  Bakerella...
I made them easier with the brownie molds from Wilton and baked brownies in them and then borrowed the brownie pop idea from Bakerella
As we all know this is not the time for a huge party(economy!), besides, less is better....
I only had two girls coming over and did not want to spend a lot...
Look around your house for special touches to make any table look great.
The blue cupcake boxes are from the $1 spot at Target,the  Teddy Bear from her room, the tablecloth is  scrapbook paper layered on top of a $1 store white plastic cloth.
The ice cream sunday "lazy susan" is a gift I got for xmas from my Mom (I love it!)

I know, I am insane, but I had to try this hairdo...thanks so much from The Story of a Princess and her Hair Blog!!!!!
It really was easy!!!!How perfect for my special Valentine!

Saturday mornings she has golf lessons...I brought everyone cupcakes....

This was a special treat First Manicure....It was really fun!!!!!!!

Finally party time...note the PJ's...we had pizza and make your own Ice Cream Sunday's....yummy
Now after Sabrina's best friend's little sister went home, it was time for the sleepover...
A giant thank you to Kathy (Mom-in law), she made gift bags for the 2 big girls to play with when they had alone sleepover time.
she put all kinds of arts and crafts, and special treat for the girls to unwrap!!!!!
What  a great idea....big kisses and hugs for "Nanny"
Pedicure and spa time before bed...
O.K., now it was time for the big event...but our good friend Julia wanted her own bed.... (I understand!!!!!)
Sabrina was so sad, so quess who slept with Sabrina????
Yes, Mommy!!!!
We took home Julia and we had special "Girl Talk" with Mommy!!!!

Happy Birthday Sabrina!
I Love You!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Candy Bar Wrappers

These amazing candy bar wrappers were created by Jennifer..
She is multi talented, she does Blog makeovers (she created this one), and her photography skills are great!
Check out her Blog: Keeping Up With Landree

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Candy Card

This is my Valentine Card for my husband.
I used large index cards and a medal circle clamp in the corner, and glue dots to hold the candy on the cards.

This is what I wrote:

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart.
I love you to Pieces (Reese's Pieces). You've truly been a Lifesaver since the day I met you!
You are my Joy (Almond Joy) in life.
when I am with you I am on the MilkyWay, watching the Starbursts across the sky.
No matter what I always get Butterfingers for you.
You make me feel like 100,000 Grand, even though sometimes I am an Airhead.
I want to kiss and hold you Now and Later, you are so Kissable.
With Mounds of Hugs and Kisses...

p.s.  we are making one for the Grandma's too......(if you read this blog update, act surprised!!!!)

I Feel so Loved!

I got these...and it's not even Valentine's Day!
Thanks Mike!!!!!