Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mardi Gras Monkey Bread (Better than King Cake!)

It's almost Mardi Gras time (next week to be exact)...time to get ready to celebrate! shares her super yummy idea!

Monkey Bread is awesome on it's own, now add frosting and sprinkles Mardi Gras style!
Her recipe is very easy using refrigerated biscuits and is super yummy!!!

Traditional King Cakes are very dry and are basically bread with icing, this monkey bread is sweet and good all the way through. You can always add the traditional plastic baby to this cake. The tradition is a small plastic baby, representing baby Jesus, is baked inside the cake. Whoever gets the piece of cake with the baby, is supposed to provide the cake for the next get together.

Click HERE for recipe.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

(Let the good times roll)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Instagram Birthday Party

This was truly an "insta-party"...thrown together last minute! My Daughter's birthday is Valentine's Day, but we decided to have a few of her friends over after school the day before her birthday. I originally saw this idea HERE, and have to give credit to AndersRuff  for the perfect Instagram party with incredible printables. They did a perfect job! I really didn't have time to get the printables, so I threw this together! 
14 Likes for her 14th Birthday!
The cake is a store bought cake.... I  just added an entire jar of sprinkles to the top!
Insta cookies!
Insta-grams...get it?!!!
Click here for instructions...But, super easy...dip top of graham crackers in chocolate, use rainbow "extreme" candies and Mini Oreos as camera lenses!
Little Debbie's Valentine Hearts are always a  crowd fav!
The Photo props are from Target!
An Insta-find....

The table cloth is 3 plastic table cloths
I will say, this took the most time of all!
Click here for a tutorial 
I just "winged it" and cut and gathered!
I loved it, but the girls never even noticed!!!!
Instagram was the theme so we had a Instagram Scavenger Hunt!
we posted some pictures on instagram using her own #
see the photos here:

This was a HUGE hit!

This was the list I gave them to find...


1.Something Pink
2.Something Red
3. A Heart
4.Another Person Making a Silly Face
5.One Person Making a Heart
6.Two People Making a Heart
7.Three People Making a Heart
8. Something that begins with the letter “S”
9. 2 things that have names that rhyme in same picture
10. your Shadow
11. A person with photo props
12. Two people with photo props
13. A person blowing a kiss
14. Best Selfie
I like to keep everyone busy...especially a group of teen girls! No time for gossip is a must! I had a lot of things planned...first thing we did was games with conversation hearts!
First game was how many hearts can you stack in a minute


How to play: Players get one minute to see how many hearts they can stack up. It’s ok to make multiple stacks. The highest stack wins. 
2nd game was:


How to play: Players get one minute to see how many hearts they can transfer onto the heart by sucking through the straw. The player with the most hearts on her paper heart at the end of one minute wins!

3rd game was:


How to play: Players each get a spoon and 3 minutes to see how many hearts they can transfer into A plastic cup that was placed on floor across the room.  Players can NOT use their hands at all in this game. The spoon goes in their mouth and they may carry as many hearts as they want on the spoon. The player who gets the most hearts in their cup at the end of 3 minutes wins.

BTW this game was super messy...don't think I would ever do this again!
How cool are these girls?
They all have skateboards!

Happy Birthday Sabrina.... My Valentine!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Drink Lids on Mason Jars

Awesome Idea for any party....

use Cupcake wrappers on mason jars....pop a straw in and instant color for your drink table!
Source of photo and awesome

BTW...sorry for the delay...I need to share and post my daughter's Valentine Birthday...stay as been much to busy lately.....

Monday, February 10, 2014

You Make My Heart Glow Valentine with Free Printable

This is a perfect Valentine, that is fast, inexpensive and no candy involved!
Delia Creates, shares a free printable and tutorial for this easy last minute Valentine Idea!

Click HERE for more info and Thank You DELIA CREATES!

(please note this idea was shared last year via a different post but, the blog did not want it shared...this printable is even cuter!)
Happy Valentine's Day xoxo

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Insta-HIt! Instagram Valentine!

Hmmm...Insta-GRAM!  You get it??? LOL!

I love this and will definitely be making these....
Click HERE for more info , tutorial, and FREE printable