Monday, August 29, 2011

Lunch Box Jokes

This cute idea is from The Gunny Sack
I originally saw it on Tip Junkie and loved this idea!

 Give your kids a little surprise in their lunchbox...a joke!  It gives them a small chuckle and it is something they can share with the other kids.

print out the jokes
and the answers, and line them up

 jokes and instructions here

the top layer is the jokes

Want to print the jokes out for you kids?  You can do so of charge.
There are 2 sets with Boy's Colors and 2 sets with Girl's Colors:

Click here for jokes

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School Party (Adults Only!!!)

 I got a project for you!  This one’s easy as can be. It’s a Back-to-School Party for the big kids!

Just for you,  Moms and  Dads, I’ve found a free printable party! (Found here at The Sweetest Occasion) All you have do to is click here to download, print, and cut it out. After that, grab some lollipop sticks, toothpicks, or swizzle sticks and attach the small flags by folding them over and affixing them on their inside with double-sided tape. For the t.g.i.b.t.s (Thank Goodness It’s Back-to-School!) banner, fold the flags over some string, twine, or ribbon, and affix on the inside with double-sided tape as well.

The banner can go on a wall, on the front of a table, or over a doorway. For the little flags, pop them in your drinks as drink markers, use them as cupcake toppers, or plant them in some finger sandwiches to jazz things up. Have a little giggle with your hardworking mom and dad buddies, and celebrate that you made it through the summer in one piece! Cheers to all you amazing parents! xoxo

I love this idea...Great Job....original party idea from Chelsea at "Lovely Indeed!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School Party Idea

How cute are these ideas found here for a Back to School Night Dinner

I feel like passing notes under the table!!!!!

here are some more ideas to celebrate Back To School Night Dinner with your children...

* What I Did on My Summer Vacation Charades – Give each guest a turn to act out their favorite summer memory.

* Scavenger Hunt for school supplies.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Day of School Ideas (even more ideas!)

This cute teacher gift idea is from Bee in our Bonnet
 cut some white cardstock the height of the cup, folded the strips and glued each "V" together so it made spokes. I tapered the paper on the bottom so it would fit in the tapered cup

Then fill 'er up with some back to school goodies! Put the straw in first :)

Next is 2 cute ideas for ONE SMART COOKIE

and this is another free printable from It is What it Is

Friday, August 19, 2011

Teacher Gift Idea

You're the High-Lite of my Day

What a cute gift idea for a teacher for 1st day of school, teacher appreciation day, child for back to school, boyfriend, husband, friend, etc!!!!

Download free printable tags here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School Apples

Supplies for mini Oreo pops:

* Mini Oreos

* Red candy melts: I used Wilton brand that can be found at many craft stores in the candy making section

* Airheads: Watermelon flavored (for the green color) as the mini leaves

* Pretzel sticks: for the mini stems

* toothpicks

These cute apples can be for a teacher gift or a cute First Day of School after school treat.
This tutorial is  from Skip To My Lou, Click here for complete instructions

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amazing Back to School Party by One Charming Party

This is one of my all time favorite posts!
How amazingly creative and fun!

Need some back to school ideas? Having your own Back to School Party? Here are a few more details from our faux dessert table + a free download to use for the straws on the glue bottles.

For the lunchboxes: Put styrofoam squares in the lunch boxes and then push scissors and highlighters down into the foam and cover with paperclips.
For the tabletop: On a black and white copy machine, enlarge the pattern from a composition book onto 11×17 paper and tape them to the top of the table.
For the packs of crayons: Cut a math flashcard in half and tape or staple  it on the bag.
For the garland: Cut triangles of scrapbook paper and then paperclip them onto a ribbon.
And that gorgeous map in the background is from These Are Things.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunflower Party

Who doesn't feel happy when you see sunflowers?

This is an easy theme for a pretty party...

The bandanas make an easy and re-useable party banner

Later in the post, I will show you how to make these cute sunflower cupcakes

Sunflower Cupcake Tutorial

make cupcakes, frost top with green and add Oreo Cookie
(I used Double Stuff Oreo's because I like them better!)

now start piping yellow leaves around the Oreo,
It took 3 rounds of petals to cover the Oreo

To make the last ring of petals start on the top edge of the Oreo Cookie

Ta Da! Beautiful Sunflower Cupcakes

Making Drink Coasters from Tiles

I decided to make a craft at this birthday party.
We made coasters from tiles and I used Sunflower Paper to keep with the theme

buy tiles from Home Depot (4 x 4) tiles
Mod Podge
Craft Paper
Felt squares for bottom of tiles

cut the paper to fit on tiles
(I had the paper pre-cut and gave everyone their choice of paper squares)
apply Mod Podge to top of tile then place paper on top
Now, add 3 more layers of Mod Podge over paper.
Let Dry.
Add felt squares to bottom of tiles

Happy Birthday Kathy!