Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amazing Back to School Party by One Charming Party

This is one of my all time favorite posts!
How amazingly creative and fun!

Need some back to school ideas? Having your own Back to School Party? Here are a few more details from our faux dessert table + a free download to use for the straws on the glue bottles.

For the lunchboxes: Put styrofoam squares in the lunch boxes and then push scissors and highlighters down into the foam and cover with paperclips.
For the tabletop: On a black and white copy machine, enlarge the pattern from a composition book onto 11×17 paper and tape them to the top of the table.
For the packs of crayons: Cut a math flashcard in half and tape or staple  it on the bag.
For the garland: Cut triangles of scrapbook paper and then paperclip them onto a ribbon.
And that gorgeous map in the background is from These Are Things.

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