Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Playlist for an Adult Halloween Party

Here is a perfect Playlist for an Adult Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Specimen Jars

These Awesome Specimen Jars are from 

she did a fantastic job and has an easy to follow tutorial
Click HERE for the tutorial

I love her ideas for the ingredients for a creepy display.

Dragon Intestines - Pretzel Sticks, water, & black food coloring
Pinch of Pain - Baking soda
Dead Mermaid Hair - Burlap twine, red food coloring
Raven eye balls - toy eye balls, water, green food coloring
Unicorn Blood - Glow sticks
Zombie Brains - Head of cauliflower, water, & red food coloring
Mummy Guts - Cooked pasta, red and black food coloring
Gnome Hearts - Jar of roasted red peppers & red food coloring
Ear of Troll - Half of a Portobello mushroom & 1 drop red food coloring
Dash of Devastation - Vinegar, Alka Seltzer, green food coloring

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Halloween Vampire Donuts

These are Easy and Cute!
Place Plastic Vampire teeth in donut hole and add candy eyeballs!

click HERE for more on this fun treat

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Halloween Glow in The Dark Steps

I  love anything glow in the dark,,,
How cool is this??!!!
There wan't a tutorial or a link to where this is from, but I am guessing they broke open glow sticks and black lights! It's never too early to plan your Halloween party!

Tailgate Checklist

This isa great check list for your next tailgate!
My fav is Number 9...Your Tickets!

source of list: FoodandWine.com

Monday, October 1, 2018

Amazon Gift Card Idea

This is the Cutest Gift Card Idea

Tis free printable and Idea is from TheCretiveMom.com.

I Love this Idea and Gift Idea! The  Free Printable is available on this cute website!

Movie Lover's Gift Card Idea

Here is an easy and fun Movie Lover's Gift Idea.
I used a plastic container, some candy, popcorn bags, and a gift card for the movies.
Click HERE for original Movie Lover Gift Idea and free printable.