Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowman Doughnuts Warm Your Heart!

Very easy and yummy to make!
You need doughnuts, candy corn and mini chocolate chips.
Now add these Marshmallow stir sticks for even more snowman fun...

You need marshmallows, Oreo Fun Stixs (yummy...a new find!), and edible markers
just be careful when putting the marshmallows on top, the Oreo Fun Stix break easy
Is this a warm, happy girl?

Friday, January 1, 2010

"I Predict Good Fortune This New Year": New Year's Eve Party Idea

This was the theme for our Family New Year's Eve Party 2009.
I made homemade Fortune Cookies for the party. Click here for the recipe.
(They were not that easy to make, I suggest eating them right away. They did not stay fresh over night)
Itinerary for the Party:
"Good Fortune" dinner (we ate out!)
Review photos from 2009
Reading of our "Blessing Jar"
Lighting of the full moon candles
Lucky Lotto Tickets (they were not too lucky!)
Good Fortune Cake

Homemade Fortune cookies!
This is our blessing jar...we write down "blessings" throughout the year...It is fun to see what we wrote...a good idea is to date the blessings
This is our new "Blessing Calendar". We all got a new calendar, and we are writing something "good" that happened that day.
We want to appreciate the positive everyday!
This calendar is our own private journal, and a similar idea to "The Happiness Project" blog
We will continue to have our Family blessing Jar!!!

This was a HUGE hit!
A "Fortune Cake"... I wrote quotes on strips of paper,
we took turns reading each one. We will use these again for good conversation starters at dinner.
For ideas and quotes feel free to email me for ideas
The lighting of "Full Moon Candles"
We do this every full moon..(every month!)

the next full moon on NYE will be 2028!

Light these candles:
white for health
blue for job and school
green for money
red for love
Make a wish and let them burn...
May 2010 bring everyone much Happiness, Love and good Fortune!