Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Candy Corn Ideas!

More ideas to add to Candy Corn Party.
How easy and cute is this veggie dip with the dip inside a pumpkin! This is from Parents magazine.
This Cocktail is from Skyy Vodka.
More cupcakes...these are even easier to make.
Just divide your cake mix into two bowls, tint one orange and one yellow.
Pour yellow on bottom then add orange to cupcake pan, bake and then frost with white icing!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Candy Corn Party Ideas

I am inspired by Candy Corns!

This year,  I have had a lot going on so I haven't been able to have my usual Halloween Party.
These ideas are  my inspiration...Hopefully, I will have time to share these great ideas with my family and friends
I want to make these Candy Corn Pom Poms 

I am making these Cupcakes even if I do not get around to having a party

How easy and beautiful are these Candy Corn Cupcakes!

These would be on the table...Candy Corn Centerpieces

This is what  plan to make for dinner on Halloween.  Easy and fun, Candy Corn Pizza!
How cute is this Candy Corn Jello
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Gift/Teacher Gift Idea

This is an easy Halloween Teacher or Gift Idea for anyone...

You just need clean empty cans, Twill tape (I used some from Stampin Up) or ribbon, goggly eyes, glue and I put Halloween pencils in cans. (you could put candy or any other treats)
Happy Halloween!