Friday, September 25, 2009

Hail to the Queen...The Martha Stewart Show!

Martha Stewart is my idol! I have been reading her magazines, watching her shows since I was in High School. My nickname has always been "Martha", and I am proud and honored to be called that! She is the QUEEN! My Mom and I spent the other day in New York City and got to see her show....
We looked up her schedule and address on her web site and took a chance on "stand by" tickets and got lucky...What a great experience.
She has the most beautiful studio...Wow!
Not my favorite photo but you have to take the pictures fast. You get the point, I was really there!

Martha is even prettier in person (She always looks perfect!)
Thanks Mom for a great Mother/Daughter mini vacation in New York City.
"Hail to the Queen Martha" she inspires me to celebrate the "Good Things!"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Party on A Stick!

Party On a Stick Night!

Drinks with Fruit Stirrers on a Stick!
Salad on A Stick!
Fruit on a Stick!
Chicken on a Stick!
Vegetables on a Stick!
Potatoes on a Stick!
KerPlunk Game played with sticks! (couldn't find pick up sticks!!!!)
And of course Ice Cream on a Stick!!!!! (Yummy!)
Hairdo made with Sticks!

Don't Stick your eye out!

This family party wasn't hard to throw together...just "stick" to the theme...Party on A Stick!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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I have a follower, BarbaraAnn who needs help with a 60's theme part idea.

Here is her letter:
cheryl--me again---I found the rainbow twizzlers at Tar*et!! YEA!!! but you know me always something--I could not find the little sharks--I'm afraid I will have to wait til next summer season - do you think they are seasonal??? also, I am starting to plan a 60's theme b-day party for my husband, I'd love to ask you for some ideas but --he has access to my e-mail could you somehow answer me on your bog - since I'm afraid he will see my e-mail??? I'm thinking tye dye, spin art--maybe fondue????

Here are some ideas:
make "Vinyl Record Bowls" to serve chips and Chex mix in (very 60's!!)click here for link
make flower headpieces (daisies will look great!) click here for link
Tye dye craft area
Spin art area

For food:

"magic mushroom" appetizers
Peace Pizza
Pot Stickers (appetizers)
Love Lettuce wraps
Happiness Hummus
Free Love Fondue
Physcedellic Salad
Woodstock Watermelon

Electric Jello (jello shots!)

Kool Aid
"Adult Kool Aid"

Magic Brownies (of course!)
Jello cups (very 60's)
Tunnel of Fudge Bundt Cake!!!!

Try to find the multi color candles like they used to sell in the mall...
60's music is mandatory!!!!

Peace signs are easy to find right now....

A good title for the party could be "60 years of Peace, Love and Happiness with "Daddy"

Please Help BarbaraAnn...
Please post your party ideas for her in the comments section...

Much Thanks for following Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl...