Sunday, September 6, 2009

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I have a follower, BarbaraAnn who needs help with a 60's theme part idea.

Here is her letter:
cheryl--me again---I found the rainbow twizzlers at Tar*et!! YEA!!! but you know me always something--I could not find the little sharks--I'm afraid I will have to wait til next summer season - do you think they are seasonal??? also, I am starting to plan a 60's theme b-day party for my husband, I'd love to ask you for some ideas but --he has access to my e-mail could you somehow answer me on your bog - since I'm afraid he will see my e-mail??? I'm thinking tye dye, spin art--maybe fondue????

Here are some ideas:
make "Vinyl Record Bowls" to serve chips and Chex mix in (very 60's!!)click here for link
make flower headpieces (daisies will look great!) click here for link
Tye dye craft area
Spin art area

For food:

"magic mushroom" appetizers
Peace Pizza
Pot Stickers (appetizers)
Love Lettuce wraps
Happiness Hummus
Free Love Fondue
Physcedellic Salad
Woodstock Watermelon

Electric Jello (jello shots!)

Kool Aid
"Adult Kool Aid"

Magic Brownies (of course!)
Jello cups (very 60's)
Tunnel of Fudge Bundt Cake!!!!

Try to find the multi color candles like they used to sell in the mall...
60's music is mandatory!!!!

Peace signs are easy to find right now....

A good title for the party could be "60 years of Peace, Love and Happiness with "Daddy"

Please Help BarbaraAnn...
Please post your party ideas for her in the comments section...

Much Thanks for following Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl...


BA said...

You are a doll for doing this for me!!! BTW--just got back from the graocery store --having company tomorrow--5 little girls adopted from China and we are going to make the candy sushi--I know it is Labor Day and we should be doing something red/whit/blue--but I just have to do the sushi with them they will LOVE it!!! Also---not only do I leave comments--i actually copy your stuff---I am on your blog as before i go to bed tonight, I plan on making the "teacher gift" for the water bottle!!! You are the best--Love the ideas so far---I actually came up with one idea finally---- on the invite, I'm asking everyone to bring a jello mold and we will have a jello mold taste test competition!!!! Now before I start my water bottle project--I have to check out the record bowls--your ideas amaze me!!1

Cheryl said...

Thank you for always laving comments and for all your compliments!!!!
I am hoping to find out who else reads this blog and hopefully someone else can help post some ideas for your party!
I love the record bowls...I will make some also...they look great and easy to make.
8 Tracks will make good decorations also!
Much Thanks...xoxo

Belly Feathers said...

One of my customers recently created Hippie Flashback kits to give guests as they arrived at a party for her daughters, and I think this fun idea would work for adults, too. She filled a gable box (designed by me) with dress-up items to get the guests into character like bead necklaces, flower barrettes, peace sign and smiley face pins, hair scarves, and more. Afro wigs might be fun, too. I'd love to see a post about your party with pictures when it's finished. Best of luck!