Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Specimen Jars

These Awesome Specimen Jars are from 

she did a fantastic job and has an easy to follow tutorial
Click HERE for the tutorial

I love her ideas for the ingredients for a creepy display.

Dragon Intestines - Pretzel Sticks, water, & black food coloring
Pinch of Pain - Baking soda
Dead Mermaid Hair - Burlap twine, red food coloring
Raven eye balls - toy eye balls, water, green food coloring
Unicorn Blood - Glow sticks
Zombie Brains - Head of cauliflower, water, & red food coloring
Mummy Guts - Cooked pasta, red and black food coloring
Gnome Hearts - Jar of roasted red peppers & red food coloring
Ear of Troll - Half of a Portobello mushroom & 1 drop red food coloring
Dash of Devastation - Vinegar, Alka Seltzer, green food coloring

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