Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Fold Napkins

another easy idea for your Easter Brunch or Dinner!
Bunny Fold Napkins...hop to it...
Step 1
Fold starched napkin into thirds to form a rectangle. (If you're using a square napkin, you'll need to fold in half, and then fold in half again to get a long rectangular shape.)

Step 2
Crease in half to create a center line for reference; fold top corners down along this line.

Step 3
Fold up from bottom corners along dotted lines.

Step 4
Bring left and right edges together on center line.

Step 5
Flip upside down and over. Turn up bottom point.

Step 6
To fasten: Fold left and right corners back; tuck one corner into the pocket of the other. Pull out bunny ears first; open up base.

Thank you Queen Martha, idea from: Bunny Fold for Napkins - Martha Stewart Crafts 

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