Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reuse and Recycle T-Shirt Tote Bags

Time to Celebrate Earth Day (You should celebrate Earth Day....everyday!)
This week is Reuse and Recycle Week....

Let's reuse and recycle our t-shirts....
Are you looking for a great, low-cost recycling project to do at home or with a group? This is IT! This is a great way to use last season's team t-shirts or a previous year's event t-shirts! Re-purpose an unwanted t-shirt today and easily turn the shirt into a re-usable tote bag. 

With just two quick seams and some fast cutting---you are finished! These t-shirt totes are strong and washable! Use for groceries, library books, tennis balls, gym clothes or pool supplies---use for anything you need to carry! 


-Heavy weight cotton T-shirt (heavy weight fabric & Youth size XL or Adult S or M work best)

~ 3- 5 straight pins

- Pencil or pen

- Dinner plate


- Sewing machine
-Choose an old t-shirt and smooth it flat on a table. Use scissors to cut and remove the sleeves---make sure you leave the seam in place---this keeps your tote strong!
-Position a plate about halfway over the neck opening of the shirt. Trace the plate with your pencil or pen. This will be your cutting line to create the opening for your tote bag. Cut along the traced line with the scissors.
Turn the T-shirt inside out and pin the bottom of the T-shirt-- along the hem--- closed. 

Turn the T-shirt inside out and pin the bottom of the T-shirt-- along the hem--- closed. 

Turn the shirt right- side- out. YOU just made your own recycled tote bag! 
Fill it with groceries, gym clothes, pool supplies, library books, etc! Keep one handy in your car! 
T-shirt Totes are Machine Washable, Reusable and Strong! Just say NO to "paper or plastic"! 

Did You Know.... Plastic shopping bags are typically used less than 30 minutes and only 1 % are recycled. The average American adult uses approximately 288 bags a year, or 22,000* in an average lifetime... make and use a Recycled T-Shirt Totebag today!

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