Sunday, November 30, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

I found this cute Advent Calender  at Target!
I didn't want to put candy inside so I decided to write 24 things to do before Christmas!
I placed the slips inside each countdown day, and this is what we are doing.....

24 things to do before Christmas:

1. Decorate Tree
2. Decorate Yard
3. Drink Hot Cocoa
4. Read a Christmas Book
5. Make Rice Crispy treats (my daughter has never made them!!!!)
6. Go shopping for stocking stuffers
7. Get Christmas cards ready to send out
8. Enjoy a candy cane
9. Go for a walk around neighborhood and look at decorations
10. Make Handmade cards for family
11. Make a fire and roast marshmallows
12. Drive around in PJ's and look at lights
13. Sing Christmas Carols
14. Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn together
15. Make cookies and deliver them to the "Joe DiMaggio House" (children's hospital)
16. Get together items to donate to the Joe DiMaggio House
17. Go buy Conner (our Dog) a treat
18. Make Christmas cookies for friends and neighbors
19. Make care package for the "adopt a family" at school
20. Help plan Christmas Breakfast
21. wrap presents
22. Make a homemade ornament for the tree
23. string cranberries and popcorn for the tree
24.?????? (I will put a little surprise in the last box for my daughter!)

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Jennifer said...

I saw those and didn't get one and then the were sold cute!