Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Every Day is Earth Day Party 2009

Today is Earth Day 2009.
It is a beautiful day and we are going to work on our own yard today. This is my glass Earth ball that is a hand blown yard ornament that glows at night (by solar power!)
We are going to plant these giant sunflowers soon...
This basket is made with recycled OJ carton and old bags. Press here for directions.

Yes, Mike wears his Kilt for yard work!!!

Dinner was yummy guacamole, quesidillias, and coconut pineapple cake.
Recipe will be posted....

How cute are these cupcake toppers, I put them in frozen yogurt.


Ryan K said...

You have some VERY cute ideas on your blog! :) I love the Twilight party! I'm a big fan, I'm on book #2.

Jedda said...

I'm glad your cupcake (yogurt) topper turned out! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Earth day! I love your post!