Thursday, May 21, 2009

London Calling Party

This is the first in our "Round the World Parties.  
We celebrated England!
The table looked great,  The Union Jack Flag is made out of ribbon!
Entertainment.....Austin Powers, baby...for Adults only!
The royal Princess "Sabrina"
"Beve" of choice: "Shandy" (Not "Randy")
This is so good, Mix 1/2 ginger ale and 1/2 beer!

fish n' chips!
recipe for this from Chef Florence Tyler click here for recipe
An English Trifle:
pound cake cut into cubes
fresh strawberries cut in small pieces
vanilla pudding
whip cream (cool whip)
and cherries for top
layer in order from pound cake to cherries in pretty glass bowl
D.J. Mike made our play list:
Beatles, Tom Jones, The Clash, The Ting Tings (yes, he wore his kilt!....he wears it often! and he pulls it off quite well!)

during dinner we had a game of "Speak Like You Are From England!"

"cheeky" = fresh
"biscuits" = cookies
"sweets" = candy
"bonnet" = hood of car
"boot" = trunk of car
"tele" = television
"loo" = bathroom
"jumper" = sweater
"dust bin" = garbage can
"arse" = buttocks
"knickers" = panties
"mumsy" = mom
"pint" = beer
"beve" = beverage
"butty" = sandwich
"cheeky" = fresh
"pissed" = drunk
"pisses down" = raining
"bum" = bottom

some English expressions:
Cheeky Monkey
Yes, Love....
"My Little Petal" ( a little girl)
"My little flower" (a little girl)
have it off 
Bloody Hell!
You're top!
Cheeky cow (a mean girl)
pissing cats and dogs
Spot of Tea?
Tea and crumpets

English Food!
Bangers and Mash = sausage and mashed potatoes
mushy peas
fish n' chips
Bread Pudding
Yorkshire Pudding
Pimm's Beverage
Fairy Cakes = cupcakes
Bubble and Squeak = cooked cabbage and potatoes

Cheers!  Joanna for all your help with English expressions!

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BA said...

great idea!!! Was wondering if you had any special plans/traditions for the last day of school???