Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sushi Night....We are on a Roll!

Sushi Night! 
We Celebrated Japan Tonight! I ordered Sushi and  we made Candy Sushi....
This is the finished version of our homemade candy sushi! (instructions are in this posting)

Some information on Japan and Sushi (click on photo to read)
Mike always has a perfect outfit for any party!

We discussed Japan and learned about their culture, location and foods.
We had to have Karaoke!!!!
 The hit of the party was making "Candy Sushi!"
Prepare  Rice Crispy Treats according to package:
A couple of helpful tricks:
Grease the wax paper with cooking spray first and coat the spatula with cooking spray as well!
One batch of Rice Krispy Treats makes 6 rolls. Spread the rice krispies out thinly on the greased wax paper. I opened up a fruit roll up to see the size prior to cutting up the treats.
We used Multi Colored Twizzlers, roll the rice krispies around the candy tightly
Next roll the fruit roll ups tightly around the "sushi roll"

cut into slices....

This was an easy and inexpensive night of fun!


Try 4 Dummies said...

I love the candy sushi !! That is such a great that I might have to steal from you one of these days and use at my own house :D

BA said...

LOVE this idea!!!!!!!! We have a swim party on Sat with 5 family friends with children from China--I might be bringing this as the "dessert"!!!!! You are the best!!

BA said...

can't find the multi colored Twizlers anywhere in our area--wondering if they are "seasonal"??? any suggestions for a substitute??