Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Ultimate Tacky Christmas Sweater Party (Ugly Christmas Sweater Party)

This party was a huge hit!
There are lots of photos, please enjoy...for other Christmas ideas see side bar under Christmas Ideas!

This is our annual Family Christmas party where all the cousins get together for a gift exchange, (We all like to have Christmas at our own houses Christmas Morning).
Last year everyone was instructed to find the perfect Christmas sweater...
The "Tacky" family photo!

Please note, Grandma and Grandpa shared 3rd Place!
Grandma's sweater lights up! (QVC!!!), and Grandpa found his on Ebay!

Zoie and Thomas won First and Second Place!!!!!

These were the Gifts for the Tacky Christmas Sweater Contest:
Singing, Vacationing Santa, he sings "It's 5 o'clock somewhere...."
2nd place...
3rd place
Decorations made by my daughter at school!
How cute is this milk jug Snoopy!

Cheese Whiz...a must!
Crock Pot Drinks, recipe on next post
Little Debbie Snack cakes where a huge hit!

Pigs in a blanket...nothing says party like these!
Two color jello (so "Tacky"!)
Deviled eggs...
We did have other foods but these were some of the highlights!
This party was so easy to pull together, I used my best Tupperware, and finest paper plates!
We had our Kids gift exchange first...

note the extra cute Martha Stewart kids cooking set...Thanks Aunt Jenny!

Now let the real party begin!
First we had a contest of how "guess how many M&M's in a jar" (I forgot to get a photo)
Next was the "Dirty Santa" Gift exchange.
click here for rules and ideas
We had silly gifts...

The Elvis Popcorn was a big hit!

Elvis Popcorn stolen by Ron!
Next game was fun..
We took a prize (we used a small box of candy), wrap it good, then wrap it in another box, then another, another , another...make it hard to unwrap. Use lots of tape...
You need one dice and oven mitts.

Start rolling the dice, when someone lands a six they have to put on the gloves and open the present, in the meanwhile, everyone else keeps rolling the dice...the next person who gets a six steals the oven mitts and unwraps...winner is the one to finally reach the prize

oven mitts make great gifts!
Tupperware jello mold was another special gift!
This was the yummy leftovers, cheese whiz, cocktail weenies, and ding dongs!

Til next Christmas...
Get those sweaters ready.


testing 1 said...

Hee! I love how you took the tacky theme all the way through! I may have to try that for my next Ugly Sweater party. Great party minds think alike! Thanks for joining my insanity...hold on!

Chris said...

Great job on the party. I love how you show that all age groups can participate in this 'Ugly Christmas Sweater' thing!

Tacky Christmas Sweaters said...

This is our annual Family Christmas party where all the cousins get together ...