Friday, December 31, 2010

Inexpensive New Year's Eve With Your Family

 This year I wanted to still make the house look festive and like a party without spending any money at the craft store or party store. I had saved the hats and glasses from the years past and decided to keep the theme similar to our past traditions.
 I used white drawing paper that we had as a table runner. I then used markers to make a "timeline" on the night's events and activities.
 8 p.m. Dinner
 9 p.m. I bought Table Topics. These are cards with questions and conversation starters. You can find them at This was my favorite gift this Christmas for some family members!
 10 p.m. Time for the annual reading of our "Blessing Jar." Throughout the year we all right blessings, a things we enjoyed and are thankful for. It is so much fun to read what each other wrote. A good suggestion is dating your "blessings." We have a jar that was a gift, but you can use anything to start this great family tradition.

We the plan to write our "Goals and Wishes" for 2011...
 11 p.m. time to melt chocolate and dip strawberries and marshmallows for a sweet New Year!

Also time to look through our favorite photos of the year past.
 Midnight...time to ring in the New Year with a toast for good health, love, prosperity and happiness!

 Note: this beautiful banner was made by my daughter...this was her idea and beautiful addition to our New Year Table!
 How cute is her drawing! I love it!

Happy New Year's to all!


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