Thursday, February 9, 2012

52 Reasons I Love You Cards... tutorial with ideas

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to make my own!
It was hard at first to make the list but then I got on a roll and had plenty of ideas!

My Husband is going to love this! (Who wouldn't love to get this made from the heart Valentine???)

This is Very Easy and cheap!
I used a deck of cards (we already had), mailing labels, sharpie marker, hole punch, and metal rings from    office store (actually had on hand)

It took me a while to write down 52 things. I love my husband, but coming up with 52 reasons written  was not easy. My best advice is to think about little things, be original and creative.  Put something silly he does all the time or even something that mildly irritates you. Make it personal!

here are some ideas for "52 Reasons I love you...."

You sing in the shower
You make me laugh
You are an amazing Dad 
You can make me smile for no reason
You always make me laugh
You make me think positive when I’m negative
You can see the best in me
You cook me dinner sometimes
You always come up with crazy things to do
You’ll watch girly shows with me
You push me to do my best
You can make decisions when I can’t
You are not afraid to be silly
You have beautiful eyes
You still open the door for me
You can always calm me down
You make yourself laugh
You make me feel safe
You hold my hand when we’re walking
You have made the last 15 years amazing
You are not afraid of what others think
You always kiss me goodnight
You don’t mind when I don’t cook dinner
You’re proud to have me as your wife
You try to help around the house
You always say what’s on your mind
You stare at me lovingly
You like to surprise me with little things
You try to better our relationship
You like to shop with me 
You are very creative
You have great taste in Music
You always stand by my side
You take time to call just to say hi
Simply because you are you
On the Queen of Hearts card:" You treat me like the Queen of Hearts"
On the suicide King: "You would take a sword for me"

This should help get you started...throw in some personal ones....Have Fun!

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