Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Earth Day! Earthworm Cupcakes!

 Happy Earth Day...Remember Every Day is Earth Day...
How cut are these?
Earth Worms! Why didn't I think of this??? I love this idea, and if only I had extra time, I would make these for Earth Day!!!! These are from The Partyologist (love the blog name, too)
"Inching Along, she shares instructions and a FREE Inch Worm Printable.

to make  cupcakes:
Canning jars sprayed them with Pam.  Make a chocolate cake and put the batter in the jars.  Bake them,  After they cool, top them with dirt colored frosting mixed with OREOS.
to make adorable inch worms:
Bake up some cookies, add the black antennae.  Using the grass tip start piping two colors of green fuzzy fur on the Caterpillar.  Add eyes and a mouth and then stick it in the cupcake! 

Free Printable!
click HERE
Happy Earth Day!

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Unknown said...

nice ideas for a party!!