Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pool Party

End of Summer...
it's time for a Pool Party!

Everything was very Easy to put together...the only thing I didn't photograph was "Submarine Sandwiches" (of course we had subs)...It was fitting with the theme! The biggest hit was the "Pool Water" which was just Blue Gatorade! BTW the double decker Beverage Holder was from Target (on sale 50% off now!)

Thank you Barbarann for the Shaving Cream with Cheese Doodles Game!
Click here for instructions!!!! 

Shaving Cream was a big hit! The best part was they hosed off with the shaving cream and then went back in the pool! The only thing that was hard was picking up the cheese doodles covered in shaving cream before the dogs starting eating them!
Happy Labor Day Weekend! 

1 comment:

Gail said...

How much fun was that party?!?
I was thinking... what if you used whipping cream instead of shaving cream? Then you wouldn't have to pick up the cheetos! The dogs could do it!!!