Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Party Games

Witch's Hat Ring Toss
for more info and how-to make a witch's hat ring toss go to:
Skeleton Parts Scavenger Hunt

What you'll need:
Large cardboard or plastic skeleton decoration
Long sheet of paper
Tacks or tape

How to play:
Trace a large cardboard or plastic skeleton decoration on a long sheet of paper. (Use a skeleton with movable limbs like the one shown here.)
Next, carefully take the skeleton apart at its joints and hide the parts around your house or yard.
During the party, ask your guests to "unearth" the bones and reassemble the skeleton by tacking or taping the parts onto the outline. When the skinny spook has been re-created, celebrate by giving each player a small prize.

The classic guess how many candy corn game! has a free printable sign for this game
click HERE
spider web obstacle course

Ghost Bowling with a plastic pumpkin

Materials and Tools:

10 empty 2-liter soda bottles with caps
white craft paint or spray paint
black craft paint
1 mini basketball
sponge brush
small detail paintbrush 
permanent marker

 1.Remove labels from empty soda bottles and wash with soap and water. Allow to thoroughly dry. Paint 2-liter bottles and caps white with a sponge brush or white spray paint.
2. Fill bottles, about a quarter full, with sand. This will give weight to the bottles so they can better stand during game play.
3. Add a jack-o'-lantern face to the mini basketball and ghost eyes to the painted bottles with black paint and a small detail paint brush or permanent marker.

Mummy Wrap with TP game!

Pairs guests up and have duos race to see which team can mummify one of their members the fastest. Use toilet paper as an inexpensive mummification tool.

Want to spice it up? Make a relay race of it. Teams of three or more can compete to wrap and unwrap one another like this: At the starting line, one player wraps up another one. The mummy must then shuffle to the second player, who unwraps the first one carefully. The rescued player then uses the same paper to wrap the third player up, who must then return to the start line. Players are tested not only on speed, but on mummification skills as they try not to rip apart fragile toilet paper sheets in their haste. Award prizes to the first team to finish and for the best mummy at the end of the race.

this is always a hit and a real classic!

Halloween Game: Mystery Bowls
Fill separate bowls with baggies of pudding, cold pasta, and peeled grapes, then cover each bowl with black felt and place bowls on a table. Have kids take turns closing their eyes and sticking their hands into the bowls to feel the different "body parts" in each one.

Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin Roll: Determine a starting line and a finish line. Set 2 pumpkins on their sides at the start and have the racers line up behind them. At "Go," each pair of challengers uses sturdy brooms to propel the pumpkins over the finish line.

Do you have any more ideas? I would love to hear from you...please share some ideas!

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Unknown said...

This is a nice list of games for Halloween. I love the mummy wrap and the Witch ring toss. I also created a list of Halloween party games that you may find more ideas from.

Happy Halloween!
~ Lyn