Monday, November 5, 2012

Donate Leftover Halloween Candy!

More for Gratitude Month...
Donation time for all of this candy!!!!

Every time I walk by the candy bowl, it seems I have to reach in and eat a piece of candy! Help! 

With a little research, I found

Local Dentists "Buy" back Halloween candy from neighborhood kids, then send it to the troops overseas!
What a great way to brighten the day of an American Hero.
on the website just enter your zip code on the top right hand corner and find a dentist or orthodontist that participates in send our troops candy.

Ronald McDonald House
I am sure they would love to have some extra candy for "treats" 

Local Food Banks

Local Meals on Wheels

Local Nursing Homes

 YEAR ROUND...All of these places would love some extra sweets!

(I am on my way to rid my house of Candy! I am going to our Local Hospital they have the "Conine Clubhouse" it is a local place just like the Ronald McDonald House that lets families stay for free when they have a child staying in the Hospital)

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