Sunday, December 2, 2012

Magazine Christmas Trees (and tutorial)

Christmas Trees Made from Magazines!

This is easy and Fun
Step 1: Magazine
Step 2: fold every page (including cover and back page) into the binding as a triangle 
fold creases well
step 3: take already folded triangle (step2) and make another triangle into binding.
The point from triangle will hang past bottom of magazine
step 4: fold the bottom piece of triangle into small triangle so it is even with bottom of magazine
step 5: continue step 1 through 5 until all pages are completed!

after all pages are folded it should look like this...
step 6: glue cover to back page so your tree is  complete
Here You go
Upcycled and Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

By the Way, Different size Magazines look great together!

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