Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Personalized Candle ....Easy to make Christmas Present

These are our Christmas Presents to " The Grandma's..."
They could be for anyone, Valentine's Day, Teachers, Friends, Mother's Day....
Easy and Fun to make:
Supplies needed:
Wax Paper
Tissue paper (like you wrap presents in)
Plain paper
Blow Dryer
Tape tissue paper to plain paper (you need the paper under the tissue paper so the markers won't bleed through and ruin your counter!) creative!!!!

now remove the tissue paper from plain peer, and cut around your design...cut as close as possible to your design

Now, take your design and place on candle. Take a piece of wax paper and wrap around your art work, hold the wax paper tight, then use  your blow dryer to melt the wax from the wax paper to cover your design, to help it stick to the candle! Keep the blow dryer moving back and forth, gently melt the design to your candle. (Be careful, the blow dryer gets hot, and it's hard to hold your candle!
Ta Da....Here are our special presents....
Made with Love!


Laura said...

way to go :). My favorite posts are the ones with pictures of you and your family doing the projects or having the parties. Don't forget to get pictures of yourself!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Laura!
You are so sweet!!! I appreciate your comments, always... I do need to include myself, more! Good idea for 2014! Happy Holidays!