Friday, May 16, 2014

Bookstore Family Night

This fun Family night is a great way to spend the evening together and it is super budget friendly!

My family and I love bookstores...but this adds a fun twist to your evening!

with a little planning the night was a huge success!

I made this list (a copy for everyone)
We found a spot in the cafe that was our meeting place and decided to do tasks 1-5 and brought the books to the cafe. We then put away the books from tasks 1-5 and continued on to tasks 6-10.

Bookstore Tasks!

#1: Cookbooks...find a recipe you want to cook 
#2: Magazines...choose a magazine that someone else in your family will enjoy
#3: Children's Books...find a favorite book you read as a child
#4:  Travel... find a place you want to go visit
#5:  Poetry...find a poem you like and read to each other
#6:  Biography...find a Biography or Autobiography of something you find interesting 
#7:  Humor Section...find a funny joke
#8:  Find a book about something you want to learn
#9:  Find a book someone else in your family might enjoy
#10:  Find a favorite book you have read in the past

this family night was awesome, the highlight was hearing our daughter read a beautiful poem, that she had memorized this year in school ...thank you Mrs. Moore!

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Laura said...

Such a fun idea - I love this!!