Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Great Birthday Idea for your Husband, Father or Boyfriend….The Dollar Shave Club

Are you looking for a great Birthday idea for your Husband (Father, Boyfriend or friend)?
We all know how difficult it is to find something creative and useful. The Dollar Shave Club is a Great gift Idea….

I am always looking for a creative and fun idea for my husband. This is a perfect answer! Everyone loves to feel beautiful, pampered, AND SMOOTH, this gift keeps giving all year long!
The program is easy and fun!
You CHOOSE the razor $1.00, $6.00, $9.00 per month (it includes the razor, and the razor is amazing…true and tested!!!!)
We received the $6.00 a month razor…. and it is a great razor!
It comes with a razor handle on the first shipment and every month you receive 4 new sharp blades with  FREE SHIPPING!
Hold on… there's more things they offer…Add- On's!!!
that's right… great products, too
Shave Butter (shave cream, that is really nice because he loves that it is unscented)

Post Shave (after shave cream)he  LOVES it! Once again unscented and calming…he has been using it every shave!

Dr. Carver's Repair Serum:  another fantastic product, my husband is loving all the products…he feels so pampered!

My Husband's favorite... 

Just like the name says…he loves these!!!! He has already made a request to Re-order!!!
Hair products too… we can't help you on this one….but great packaging, smells great and great prices, too...

My husband really, really, honestly, LOVED these razors. He said they were the best he’s ever used(We got the $6 package). I agree with him,  his head and face is super smooth!

 No fees. No commitment. Cancel anytime. You can also change the frequency of delivery. Don’t want it every month? Get them every other month! It’s a really simple system and I love this.

BTW, the packaging is awesome and it really is a treat to receive sharp new razors every month and so much cheaper!

Click HERE to order!

Happy Birthday Mike, and Happy Shaving!

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