Friday, November 13, 2015

CVS Party for Little Girl who Loves CVS!

This Little girl was all over the news because her Obsession with CVS!
this is a great example of how you can make anything you love a "Theme" for a great party!
The celebration, complete with red and white decorations and a CVS-style cake, came together with the help of the 4-year-old's favorite place.  When CVS headquarters heard about Iris’ party, they sent tons of snacks, favors, and party supplies to celebrate

The manager of their local store also got involved by donating CVS-brand water bottles and using the store's sign to flash a "Happy Birthday" message to its biggest fan. 

There were even prescription bottles filled with mints for the adults at the party and CVS goodie bags for younger guests

For More info and info on the amount of news coverage this family received for this unique party go to their blog:

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