Monday, March 7, 2016

16 Things We Love About You….Sweet 16 Present

It was Our Daughter's Sweet 16 and we wanted to make it extra special.

We bought her 16 presents, some little and some a little more expensive. We made a list of 16 things we love about her and found gifts to represent those qualities.
It was a fun gift to put together, I hope she enjoyed opening them as much as we enjoyed putting the though behind each gift!
Happy Sweet 16!

these were a pair of Converse Sneakers she wanted
this was a quote about friends for her to hang in her room
Silly String
this is a necklace that was mine as a teenager!
This is a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses she wanted
Sticky Notes (she needed!)
A Wall Plate that covers the switch to turn on her lights... that says "Hello Beautiful"
A phone case that says "Smile"
A Chocolate Marshmallow Heart
sunblock (she needed!)
A journal to write your "Thoughts"
A phone case that says "We Love You to the Moon and Back"
Leggings (she wanted) to work out
A Make Up case with some Make Up 
A pair of Good Headsets (she wanted)

This is a  fun gift that can be customized for any birthday…
Milestone Birthday or any Birthday!!!!

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