Thursday, September 18, 2008

You'll FLIP over this Party!

I have been meaning to add more info about this party.....
This party was a huge success, it is easy, inexpensive and so much fun!

Take your time planning this one out and you can do most everything ahead of time.

I would suggest limiting the number of girls so everyone will have time to enjoy themselves (even you!)

Ingredients for Flip Flop party:
cheap flip flops (I bought ours at Old Navy)
decorations for decorating flip flops (Michaels)
nail polish
simple food
cut up fruit for fruit kabobs
various flip flop items for goody bags

I made invitations that looked like a flip flop and said "You'll flip over this Party"
We invited 5 girls (they were all between 6-8 years old)
I bought cute paper plates and napkins from Party City...
I had everything planned out prior on a sheet of paper...

Pedicures, Decorate Flip Flops,crafts,Pizza, Swimming, games, make fruit kabobs and flip flop cake

the games we played were:
musical towels (same as chairs but used beach towels)
and we had ducky races in the pool (had 5 little ducks that they had to push across pool with their noses!)

directions for Flip Flop cake:
I used 2 store bought pound cakes (cut rounded top off with seregated knife and cut cake out around sides to look like a flip flop)
store bought icing
sour patch fruit stripes 
and large round sprinkles on sides
place on platter and put graham cracker crumbs around decorated cakes (beach sand!)


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