Saturday, October 11, 2008

Angel Devil Party

This party was great and so much fun to plan!
I surprised my family with the Angel/Devil theme...
I used two plastic tablecloths, one white, one red and divided the table in half with the tablecloths.  I used white tulle and an angel wings and halo as decorations in the background and on the other side red tulle and a pitchfork.
My little Devil!
This is the devil side!
This side has red plates and napkins, red candles, red hot candies, red and black licorice and for the menu:
Wicked wings
Cauldron Dip
Deviled eggs
Witches brew (has dry ice in plastic cauldron)
Wicked Beer
And of Course Devils food cake (easy....cut off devil horns from a devil headband and stuck in cake as horns)
Now for the angel side:
the decoration was pillow stuffing, white plates and napkins,white candles  and marshmallows and for the food:
Angel food hair pasta
Garlic bread Halos (used the Pillsbury breadsticks and made them round like Halos)
And of course Angel food Cake with Whip Cream!!!!
I bought cheap angel wings and devil horns and let my daughter and husband choose what they wanted to be.... 
Don't forget the music...

Our playlist:
Fallen Angel/Poison
Friend of the Devil/Grateful Dead
Centerfold/J.Giles Band
The Devil Went Down to Georgia/Charlie Daniels Band
Devil with the Blue Dress on/ Mitch Ryder

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