Friday, March 6, 2009

Barbie's 50th Birthday Party

This is our latest "Family Party"
....I can't think of better party or reason to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Barbie!
I have always loved Barbie and still have some of my dolls from when I was my daughter's age.

We made a Barbie Cake. It was a fun project. It needed a lot of icing and I wrapped Barbie's body in plastic wrap before standing her in the middle.

The decorations were easy, I have been collecting Barbie's for my daughter since she was born.  The "special" ones, we keep in their original packaging.  We displayed them around the dinning room for our party.

This is "Nanny", she is the Original Barbie!
I saw this t-shirt idea from the Barbie Fashion Show.  The original t-shirt is by Kenneth Cole.  I searched all over for it, I ended up making one myself.
"Everyone Does Need a Ken!"
Here is my Ken.
His t-shirt said "I heart my Barbie Girl", Mike added "Hello My Name is Ken".

Happy Birthday Barbie and thank you for so many hours of fun!

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