Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th of July Ideas

This is a cute 4th of July idea
Add some Firecracker Spark to any Cocktails...

"Pop Rock Rimmed Cocktails"

they will make a crackle pop to your drinks when you take a sip.
Simply dip the rim of your glass in lime juice, then dip into the pop rocks.
This drink was rimmed with the Blue Pop Rocks, and a cranberry cocktail.
I saw this on

"4th of July Ice Cream Sandwich Pops"
Super Easy and cute
Family Fun Magazine always has cute holiday ideas

Mini ice-cream sandwiches
Sprinkles or nonpareils
Colorful cupcake liners

First, skewer mini ice-cream sandwiches on popsicle sticks.
Then, press the exposed filling into a plate of sprinkles or nonpareils.
To keep mess to a minimum, serve the pops in colorful cupcake liners.
"Watermelon Stars on a Stick"

Popsicle sticks
Star-shaped cookie cutter

Use a cookie cutter to cut juicy star shapes from 1-inch-thick slices of seedless watermelon.
Insert a Popsicle stick into each star, then set the pops on an aluminum foil-lined baking sheet.
Cover the stars with another sheet of foil and freeze for 1 hour or until firm.

"Red White and Blue Strawberries"

12 ounces white chocolate chips
Blue sugar or edible glitter

Melt 12 ounces of white chocolate chips in a microwave according to the package directions (make sure the container and the berries are dry; even a little moisture will alter the texture of the candy).
One at a time, dip strawberries into the chocolate and then into blue sugar or edible glitter.
Set them to harden on waxed paper.
Makes 35 to 45 decorated berries.

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