Monday, June 27, 2011

More 4th of July Ideas!

Red White and Blueberry Skewers
This cute idea is from
These festive 4th of July skewers are the perfect treat for your upcoming holiday party. They’re a great snack for little hands to help with, and they make a colorful treat for the table.

Supplies for 4th of July Kabobs:

skewers, these are 10 inch
strawberries, cut up in 4ths
mini marshmallows

Red White and Blue "Lollies" 
These fun paper crafts get the nickname “Lollies” because they look like giant lollipops. With so many darling double sided papers available these days, you can really have fun with these. They would look great as a centerpiece at your 4th of July BBQ. You can also vary the sizes of these lollies.

This tutorial is from Makes and Takes.

Click here for complete directions.
Supplies for Paper Lollies:

1 12×12 inch paper, cardstock
glue dots or double sided tape
scoring tool, optional
hot glue gun
How to make Paper Lollies:

1. Cut a 12×12 piece of paper into 3- 4×12 strips.
2. Fold the strips accordion style at about 1 inch apart back and forth (1/2 inch fold are great for smaller lollies). To assure straight lines, a scoring tool is helpful but not necessary.
3. Using glue dots or double sided tape stick all three strips together forming a circle.
4. Hold the circle to lay flat and add a big drop of hot glue to hold it together.

The weight of a heavy can is helpful as the hot glue dries.

Once your lollie is made, get creative! You can layer smaller medallions (lollies) on top (like you see above) and top with some of these different patriotic embellishments to make it look more finished.
Finished off with cylinders filled with candy, it will be everyone’s favorite centerpiece.

And another banner idea similar to the Easter Egg Garland made from paint chips..

A Red White and Blue Paint Chip Garland!

paint chips in red, white and blue 
cardboard to cut out a star-shaped template
sewing machine (optional)
white thread
double-sided tape for hanging

I used 21 paint chips total, 7 of each color. Don't worry if some of the red paint chips look pink--you will get the overall look of red, white and blue when it all comes together.

First you want to make yourself a star-shaped template out of your piece of cardboard. I traced one of Little Sweet's star shapes from a foam puzzle, then tweaked the size a bit to fit 2 stars on each paint chip. You could also draw your own or print out a star shape from Photoshop.

They used a sewing machine to sew the paint chips together, I personally would just use glue dots or glue to attach to ribbon.

The last few blog posts have given you some great suggestions and ideas to celebrate the 4th of July or any Patriotic Holiday (Memorial Day, Election Day, etc...)
Don't forget those special "creative" details make any event a memorable one...

Love is in the details!!!!

p.s. your thoughts and ideas are always welcomed....

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kathirynne said...

Oooooh! I'm seeing a pumpkin garland in shades of orange for Halloween...and a shamrock garland in shades of green for St. Patrick's Day.

Thank you for the inspiration!