Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Eggs with Nail Polish...A Good "Girly" Treat

Eighteen25 posted this "Eggs-tra" cute Girly Idea for Easter!
I am going to go  nail polish shopping for fun colors...what fun!!!...look how cute, the eggs match the nail polish!!!! No matter how old your little girl is,who doesn't like new Nail Polish?
    • nail polish
    • paper crinkle
    • large plastic eggs 
    • white cardstock
    • washi tape (found at target and cute tape)
    • plastic treat bags (3.75" x 6")

I Love all the fun colors...

putting it together:
    • place the crinkle paper and polish inside the egg
    • tilt the top of the egg so you can still see what's inside and attach the back with a piece of tape.
    • to make your topper, trim a 4" x 2.5" piece of white cardstock, fold in half and place a strip of tape across the front
    • put the egg in the bag and finish it off attaching the topper with a couple staples

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