Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Easter Cupcakes Tutorial

Here is a cute Cupcake tutorial from
These could be for Easter, Birthdays, or anytime...
I love the colors for Springtime!
Supplies needed:
- Food coloring. Use the Wilton Brand Paste. It's really bright and doesn't leave a gross taste in your cupcakes!
-Four bowls and four spoons.
-Cake batter. White cake will do best. 

After you cake batter is all mixed up separate it equally into four bowls (or more if you're doing more colors!) 
Now put a dab of food coloring in each. Remember a little bit goes a loooong way with food coloring.  Make sure to stir thoroughly, you don't want to be eating little chunks of unmixed food coloring later and you also don't want to find a section of white cake batter in your bowl when you're scooping it out.
Tip: try mixing colors to get that perfect shade if your brand of food coloring doesn't have it. 

Now it's time to scoop the batter into the papers. There are two different ways you could do this. You could do one layer per color, it takes approximately 3/4 of a spoonful per color for four colors. Or take quarter spoon fulls and make lots of layers.
Which ever you choose make sure not to mix the colors when putting them in the paper. I like to let me spoon drip into the paper while shaking it in an up and down motion. When you plop the colors down you may want to flatten it out if just doing the four layers but make sure not to stir! Use your finger to make layers flat even layers. 

Now bake them according to directions, frost them with white frosting and add Easter colored sprinkles and enjoy them!!
Above left- quarter spoon fulls in lots of layers. Above right- 3/4 spoon fulls in only four layers.

Tip: White papers work best. You'll be able to see how pretty the cupcake inside looks through white. 
 Another tid bit of information:
With these cupcakes I get significantly less cupcakes than if I were to just make white ones. The box says it'll make 24 cupcakes, when I color them I usually get 15 or so. I suppose it's from small amounts of batter getting left in bowls and it just adds up.


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I love this idea! Totally adorable.